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NO TEST MARKET HERE This is the Most Energetic Low Impact Fat Burning Muscle Building Workout ever invented 7 The Koga Workout - One of the World's Fastest Growing Fitness Programs!!! A High Energy Fusion Fitness Workout Combining Kickboxing and Yoga - Designed for All Ages and All Fitness Levels! The KOGA Workout has been Featured on DR OZ and Countless other Major Networks and Has now Landed on the West Coast Koga is much more than stretching and kicking. No matter what your fitness level, Koga is a challenging exercise program that builds superior strength and endurance. Koga involves a level of mental and physical concentration that results in a much greater flexibility, increased muscle toning and shaping, refined balance, improved cardiovascular function, increased lung capacity and finally a HUGE decrease in overall body fat. For Total Body, Mind and Spirit - Koga Fitness Includes Serious Nutritional Support to Insure High Energy Performance! Jon Koga is as serious about what he puts in the body as he is about training the body. He knows that if you don't give your body the best nutrition available you will not perform to your maximum potential.

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